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Morphology is the linguistic study of words, their internal structure and partially the meaning of the contained morphemes. Morphological analysis involves identification of a word's stem/root from a word-form and providing grammatical information of a word given its suffixes. A morphological analyzer is a program that analyzes the morphology of an input word. It uses rules to identify the root and grammatical features of given words. It splits a given word into it's root, lexical category, gender, number, person, case, case marker or tense aspect modality(TAM), suffix and other required grammatical features.

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Note : Features explanation of a word

1. root : Root of the word (e.g. ladZake word has root ladZakA)

2. cat : Category of the word (e.g. Noun=n, Pronoun=pn, Adjective=adj, verb=v, adverb=adv post-position=psp and avvya=avy)

3. gen : Gender of the word (e.g. Masculine=m, Feminine=f, Neuter=n, mf , mn , fn, and any)

4. num : Number of the word (e.g. Singular=sg, Plural=pl, dual, and any )

5. per : Person of the word (e.g. 1st Person=1, 2nd Person=2, 3rd Person=3, and any)

6. case : Case of the word (e.g. direct=d, oblique=o and any)

7. tam : Case marker for noun or Tense Aspect Mood(TAM) for verb of the word

8. suff : Suffix of the word

agr_gen: Agreeing gender of the following noun

agr_num: Agreeing number of the following noun

agr_cas: Agreeing case of the following noun

emph: Emphatic feature of the word

hon: Honorofic feature of the word

derive_root: Derived root

derive_lcat: Derived lexical category

derive_gen: Derived gender

derive_suff: Derived suffix

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